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Artists Everywhere!

Prepare to be wowed!

Shawn Ahkeah / Cortez, Colorado

I’m an American Indian artist from Cortez, Colorado. I lived in the four corners area all my life. I’m an Acrylic artist I paint on stretched canvas. My main subjects are American Indian art and I also paint animals such as horses, sheep, and etc.

Dana Aldis / Gallup, New Mexico

Dana Aldis is a professional artist and teacher from Gallup, New Mexico. She teaches Studio Art classes at the local university and helps host and organize art events in the vibrant art scene. She specializes in painting animals and has a soft spot for donkeys. Dana’s background is grounded in traditional drawing and painting techniques, working in oils, acrylics, and gouache along with relief printmaking. In her artwork she tries to capture the personality of each animal using pattern and color mixed with traditional painting and printing techniques. She strives to capture not only the character of the animals she depicts but also the joy of color and textures that complement her subject.

Sarah Drummond / Cortez, Colorado

Sarah Drummond is a watercolor artist and relief printmaker enthralled with the natural world! She grew up drawing and painting and pursued a variety of media through tandem degrees in biology and art. She sometimes uses her own photographs as references but prefers to work from life and most of her work is completed outdoors through patient hours of watching. One of her most important artistic tools is a pair of binoculars! Sarah enjoys the challenge of thinking backwards when planning a reduction print, the bold, graphic quality of block printing, and the ever-present element of surprise when the final product emerges from the press. Sarah lives in Cortez, Colorado, with her husband and fellow artist Shane Blair and two border collies.

Alys Hansen /Mancos, Colorado

Hello! I’m Alys, a K-12 Art Teacher and henna body art artist from Mancos, Colorado. I have been teaching art, both publicly and privately for about ten years, and I love my work! In 2021 I received a master’s degree in Teacher Leadership, and continue to teach art locally in many capacities. Because of the nature of my career, I dabble in a little bit of everything! My art-making spans crochet, watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting, batik, and henna body art. My paintings tend to be semi-realistic though stylized, and I typically focus on landscapes. Henna tends to match whatever my clients desire, while my crochet work tends to be both functional and cute, from things such as hats or stuffed animals. Finally, my batiks tend to be portraits of animals.

Miki Harder / Durango, Colorado

Horse ~Pony~ Burro lover since I was knee high to a bug… the first thing I remember drawing on my Magic Slate Paper Saver was a horse. Since then I have upgraded my creating materials~ still drawing burros! My art leans more toward character than realism tho my biology background will suggest loudly for every hair or feather to be in it’s proper spot. I look forward to participating at my fifth Burro Fest!

Elizabeth Kinahan / Durango, Colorado

A born animal lover, Elizabeth paints realistic, and charming, portraits of farm animals as a way of highlighting their individual personalities and bringing joy and compassion into the world.

Susan Hediger Matteson / Dolores, Colorado

Susan pursued a Fine Arts major at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and received degrees in both fine art, (drawing and painting), and graphic design. She spent more than 15 years in design and illustration, but her true dream was to produce her own work. In 2010 Susan left the design field to dedicate herself solely to fine art painting.Growing up riding horses, hunting and fishing with her father, working in her parents orchard are the experiences she draws upon when she paints. To paint often “en plein air” and also the figure from life are what helps to enliven and inform artwork. To capture a scene or people just being themselves is the inspiration that drives her work.

Represented by: Kilgore American Indian Art, Mancos

Jenn Rawling / Durango, Colorado

Jenn Rawling is a full time studio artist from Durango who focuses on painting, printmaking, and songwriting. Jenn’s art illustrates a reverence for nature and her kinship with plants. She silk screens her original designs on hoodies, tshirts, tank tops, & tea towels. She is also an herbalist who makes small batches of medicinal salves and cremes.

Cynthia Sadler / Cortez, Colorado

My work is primarily block printing using linocuts that are printed on an antique platen press at the Mancos Common Press, where I am an artist member.

Dai Salwen / Mancos,Colorado

Dai is a local Mancos artist. They have spent their life in wild places, loving the land and the beings that walk upon it. Their artwork reflects this love and relationship and attempts to help others feel that deep knowing of wildness as well.

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