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Prepare to be smitten!

Burros, Burros, Burros

2024 BurrOlympics Competitors


Handler: gretchen seashore botha
Artist: Elizabeth Kinahen

Alice is a seasoned Mancos Burro Fest burro who loves to start the obstacle course but doesn’t necessarily always finish. She enjoys exploring the mountain and desert trails in the 4 Corners with her human family but the Mancos Burro Fest is her all-time favorite event.


Handler: India Hesse
Artist: Dana Aldis

Carlos, the 8-year-old big brother of ambassador burro SnoopDonk, was gathered from the BLM’s Lake Havasu Herd Management Area in Arizona when he was a foal. He spent one year in a holding pen before being adopted at auction. He is now in his second and forever home with the Sparkle Donkey crew, where he has settled into the role of rowdy big brother. His favorite things are roughhousing with the geldings, playing chase, oversized plushies and rope toys, salted peanuts in the shell, and braying dramatically when he can’t see his herd mates.


Handler: Chari Perce
Artist: Jenn Rawling

Charlie is a 7 year old BLM burro. We became a team July 2022. He was skeptical of me at first, but gained trust with brushing, daily chats and his favorite – apples! We have participated in parades, helped out at the Durango Cowboy Church Kids Saddle-Up Program, and finished 9th in the Southfork Alder Ass Race! Love my Burro, Charlie!


Handler: Jill Minuto
Artist: Cynthia Sadler

(Sung to the tune of Spiderman) CocoBeans. CocoBeans. The beaniest beans you’ve ever seens!. CocoBeans! Now with more spice!

Freya La’BRAYa

Handler: Rachel Brashears
Artist: Mika Harder

Can I get a HEE?! Can I get a HAW?!! HEE-HAW ITS FREYA LA’BRAYA! A beautiful 2018 Beatty, Nevada model BLM burro, complete with turbo boost, in limited edition NLP void black.


Handler: Kelly Smith
Artist: Sarah Drummond

He’s back and as cute as ever, the diminutive donkey king of Arizona, here to delight and entertain, to steal your hearts and maybe a gold medal, it’s HAMILTON!

Little D

Handler: Elizabeth Marsh
Artist: Dai Salwen

Little D might be as wide as he is tall, but that won’t stop him from telling you he invented the crouton, has summited Mount Kilimanjaro, and is a famed sommelier.

Reyna Pequeña

Handler: Rebecca Balbon
Artist: Alys Hansen

As her name suggests, Reyna Pequeña is a little queen. Portly and sweet but a queen none the less. Reyna loves afternoon sun puddling, little kids with peanuts, and empty boxes. She even tolerates the occasional riding session with her terrier pal, Nacho.


Handler: Suzanne Velasquez
Artist: Shawn Ahkeah

Just as Jesse Owens is one of the most famous Olympic sprinters, Forever Home Donkey Rescue’s Siggy is famous for his SPRINTS (Slowly Practicing Running In between Naps, Tours and Snacks). Watch out for this micro mini. He may be small and slow, but he has a heart of GOLD.