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A Mancos Creative District Event

Hello, Lovely Humans!

Thank you for considering volunteering at our 5th Annual BurroFest!

Thank you for considering joining us for BurroFest!

T.J. Zark and a baby burroThere isn’t much more fun than burros, artists, happy spectators, and our local business getting a chance to meet and serve new customers. It makes for a great weekend.

Thank you for interest and let me personally thank you in advance for helping us make it a darn good day for Mancos!

Filling out the form is not a commitment, just an introduction so we can reach out to see if there is a task and time that would be a good fit for you! Couples are welcome and we can keep you together…or make sure not to…whatever makes you happiest!

T.J. Zark / 2024 Board President

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What day could you volunteer?

What are your super powers?

A Mancos Creative District event, with support from so many area partners!